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How To Stop Snails From Eating Your Garden Natural

Snails are worst pests, which can live in your garden. For instance, they can ravage your vegetables and even destroy several of your plants. Snails are quite slimy and messy. When the garden is infested with many snails, they ensure the garden have lines all over. If they are left unchecked, snails can cause a lot of damage to the environment. The following are some of the methods to stop snails from eating the entire garden.

Tips to stop snails from getting to your garden

Add salt

You can add some salt to saltyour garden at the perimeter. The snail will shrivel up and then die. You should note that salt reduces moisture content in the body of a snail. For the snails to travel, they require a slime push. Thus, salt stops them immediately once it touches them. This is an easy and effective way to kill snails from stepping into the garden.

Buy a lizard

It is important to note lizards do love snails as food. For instance, they destroy the garden and help you get rid of other pests such as crickets and cockroaches. Moreover, they are a great pet as they can be tamed easily. In fact, you do not have to maintain them and they will ensure your garden is snail free.

Add a snail fence around the garden

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A simple higfenceh fence around the garden can stop snails from getting into the garden very easily. Ensure the fence is at least 6-inch foot high. It is important to note that snails require a lot of energy so that they can climb over fences and they can give up trying to climb. This is a simple but effective way of getting rid of snails from the garden.

You may not need to inform your neighbors; but the right way is to throw them over the fence. Recent studies show that snails can rarely return from over 65ft length. There is no need of killing them as it has same effect like moving them further away. It has been found out that a snail will always return to feed on your vegetables, no matter how far you have thrown it.