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Various Places To Find A USA Flag Flying

The USA national flag is a great symbol not only in the American land but all over the world. There are many places where the Flag is flown either on a daily basis or occasionally. Other places have it up throughout. So, whether you are looking for a hand held flag to fly during public occasions or hand on your private home, buying one from a reputable seller like collinsflags is very crucial. This article will highlight various places where to find a USA flag flying.

Places to find a USA flag flying

In the Capital, Washington DC

Washington DCBeing the capital city of this great nation, a flag is necessary to fly high since it’s the main symbol of the great nation. In this regard, the city carries most of the government facilities including the office of the president. Not one or two but many flags thus can be seen flying high as raised by different facilities. The white house is a good example of a place where the flag is always great to show that it is the highest home in America.

In US embassies all over the world

An embassy is a representative of one country in another, therefore, one of the most important symbols of such a country is the national flag. Thus the US flag is always on in any of their embassies in the world. The flag alone demands respect to such a premise from everyone including the locals. The USA citizens can also use this to identify their embassy in case of an emergency need.

various official government institutions

The government has various organizations and offices spread all over the country. Such offices and premises like police headquarters and army bases fly high the flag of the country they work for. This flag is to be respected by all people including the visitors. Various flag etiquette is observed at different times like when the flag is being raised or lowered.

National and public activities

flagWe all have seen it either in real or on TV, USA citizens fly their flag high during the football world cup matches or any other games alike. They also use hand-held flags during various public gatherings like a homecoming ceremony for soldiers or any other prominent people.

Similarly, flags are hung at the entrance of private homes to show patriotism to their country and the importance it has to them. Such homes include the houses of soldiers or any other person, in love with their country.