well-designed living room

Three Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room at your home creates the first impression to your guests. If you have ever had an intention to put some personality in your decoration design, the living room will be the perfect place. However, there is a line that you should not cross because you do not want to look too eccentric either. Here are three decoration ideas that you can realize right away after you read it.

Bringing in Some Living Organisms

a fishbowlYour house is supposed to be a shelter. However, if there are no other living organisms on display, the atmosphere there will be bleak and far from lively. Besides, if you have a living thing that thrives, it can be a statement of you being responsible and caring.

However, although the phrase, “living organisms,” here may seem to cover a wide range of choices, we will exclude the big pets like dogs and cats. The others that live in a container can be a perfect choice to be placed in the living room. For instance, the cliche idea of having a goldfish in a bowl aquarium can work too.Moreover, one fishbowl suits only for one fish.

Other ideas that are still in sync with this section’s subject are landscape terrarium, landscape aquarium, and indoor plants. If you have no clue about what they are, a simple search on Google will show you the result.

Space-Saving Furniture

wall mounted shelvesThe age of big furniture has ended. As millennials are getting more attracted to the simple lifestyle, the popularity of minimalist design has raised too. Murphy’s bed is one example of space-efficient furniture. When not used, you can fold the bed vertically and disguise the whole structure as storage. This multi-function design is the concept that constitutes space-saving furniture.

When applied to the living room, you want a coach that can also function as bookshelves. Display shelves on the wall will also be a perfect decorative item there. Fill them with books, cd collection, or pottery that you have made by yourself, etc. Although you want your house to be minimalist, the living room should have a decorative statement that catches the eye.

Proper Lighting

warm and radiant lightingThe light in your living room is a major factor that affects both your mood and your guest’s. If the lighting does not align with the wall’s paint, the whole place may look gloomy and make anyone inside drowsy and bored. You want your living room to look radiant yet warm at the same time. To achieve such an effect, you should be smart in combining multiple light types. For example, wall-mounted lamps are useful to highlight particular decorative items spots in the living room. Meanwhile, the ambient light that comes from either a ceiling lamp or a chandelier should also be in tone with the highlighting lamps.