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Five Benefits of Unlocking iPhone 7

Among the world’s most sought-after phone to have is the iPhone 7. It is smart, sleek, and stylish; catering to the many needs of the user. It can, however, be sold as locked or unlocked.If you want to use a different SIM card on you iPhone 7, make sure its unclocked.

Benefits of unlocking iPhone 7

More savings in the long run

iphoneAn unlocked phone comes with the convenience of lack of monthly payments. The ‘subsidized’ monthly payments when one buys a locked iPhone 7 could seem very appealing at first glance, but it proves to be more expensive in the long run. The contract period is often a two year period where one pays a monthly subscription. Getting it unlocked means that you save more in the long run because there will be only one payment made when buying it and no extra monthly expense.

Freedom to choose your preferred network provider

A locked iPhone 7 bought from a local carrier binds the buyer to the carrier’s network and also the monthly subscription fees that come with the price tag until the expiry of the contract. However, with an unlocked phone, the user gets the freedom to easily switch between network providers while enjoying the flexibility of choosing the best system plan that will meet their needs.

Staying affordably connected no matter where you go

When one is traveling with a locked iPhone 7, there is a constant worry that they could find themselves outside the network provider’s coverage zone or area. This, added to the anxiety of the expensive roaming charges one could incur can dampen the travel. Bid goodbye to these worries to have a delightful travel experience with unlocking you iPhone 7.

Once unlocked, your phone runs on GSM networks and so all you have to do is just purchase a local SIM anywhere in the world, slot it in, and enjoy complete network coverage while making calls at the local call rates.

Ease of customizing software, applications

A locked iPhone 7 will come with a software lock that will tie you to their network and their pre-installed settings and applications. This occupies the phone’s storage and slows down the running of the device. Unlocking the iPhone 7 will mean that you enjoy a faster iPhone experience since you get to choose which applications will go on your phone and also the freedom to customize it the way you want. You get to download any free application from any website easily to meet your needs.

Conveniently replaceable

If you lose you iPhone 7, the state of whether it is locked or unlocked will make all the difference on how much the loss will cost you. Losing a locked iPhone 7 is painful especially in the early stages of the contract. In this case, the termination fees of a contracted iPhone 7 are expensive, but with an unlocked one, the user just has to purchase a new phone. Then they can get back their contacts if they had backed them up.


With these benefits of unlocking the iphone7, it is no wonder that the unlocked iPhone 7 is gaining popularity all over the world. All that you need now is to unlock your iPhone 7 and experience its full potential.