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Three Tips to Run a Successful Music Concert

What should be considered in making a music concert? What are the obstacles that must be faced? What are the tips or tricks for managing a successful music show?

Before answering the question above, I will explain the difference between Event Organizer (EO) and promoter. The point is for the owner of the event. The promoter is fully responsible for the implementation of an event, for example in the matter of drafting, looking for guest stars, sponsors, selling tickets, ensuring the smooth running of the event to hold an evaluation of the event itself.

While the Event Organizer works when getting orders to hold activities belonging to other parties. EO does not think of a break event point because the cost of organizing an event becomes the full responsibility of the owner who is usually a company. In other words, the EO runs the event according to the order.

Indeed, being part of the EO or promoter looks fun. Especially when knowing the benefits (if the program goes as desired) is very tempting. But for that, all need high tenacity and agility. Moreover, we are required to be professional and broad-minded.

Preparing the Facilities for the Crowd

enthusiastic crowdControl needs to be done on every incoming audience to anticipate chaos when the concert takes place. In addition to checking tickets, security controls also need to be carried out, namely by checking the items carried by the audience.

Officers must ensure that no spectators enter the concert area by bringing sharp objects, liquor, drugs, or items that can trigger criminal acts.

Moreover, you should also pay attention to hygiene facilities, such as toilets, garbage containers, and trash cans.

Planning the Budget Carefully

If the objectives and themes have been obtained, immediately record the needs during the event. They are ranging from equipment, tickets, stage, to artist fees. Write one by one that requires funds, regardless of the amount. Then, pack it all in the budget.

Then, what if the budget is not enough for the needs of the event? It’s time for you to sharpen your creativity. Try removing some material or transfer it to the sponsor. Thus, the burden of costs is lower.

Devising an Efficient Marketing Strategy

stage production teamMarketing concert tickets can be said to be “easy” difficult because you have to find a relationship that is willing to sell tickets until it runs out. Even you have to go to a specific place to find the target audience.

To ease the burden on ticket sales, you can ask for sponsorship assistance. Instead, provide a promotion. For example, by putting the sponsor’s logo on the ticket or advertising the product during the event.