How to Choose Splash Acrylic Shower Panels

Would you like to give your bathroom a new and stunning look? Most people would like to do that, but they are always not ready to incur the high cost and go through stresses associated with this kind of improvements. The good news is that you can now do this at a relatively low price and absolutely hassle-free, thanks to splash acrylic shower panels. These modern panels are reasonable priced, easy to install, durable and give a stylish look when installed in the bathroom. But before you start thinking about how to get the work done, it is very important to understand the tips for choosing the best splash acrylic shower panels. The most important tips are discussed below.

Tips for choosing the best splash acrylic shower panels


acrylic shower panelsSplash acrylic shower panels are made using different grades of materials such as resins, which influence the quality of the panels. The quality is also influenced by the setup of the manufacturing process. Their quality determines the ability to resist heat, fire, damages, cracks, scratches, etc. You definitely want acrylic shower panels that will last for longer hence go for those that are made from high quality materials and supplied by reputable manufacturers with high-tech facilities.


Splash acrylic shower panels come in different sizes, such as bespoke and standard sizes. You have to know the measurements of your bathroom so as to select pieces that will fit perfectly. When choosing the size, consider issues such as transportation and need to cut the pieces so as to fit in their respective places during installation.

Installation process

Nearly all splash acrylic shower panels provide installation guides that direct their customers on how to install the panels. Select panels that have clear and easy to follow installation instructions. With an installation guide, you can perfectly install these panels on your own.

Color choice and method

There are many colors of acrylic shower panels so you cannot miss your preferred one. Check if your potential supplier or seller has your favorite colors. Also, it is important to check the method used to apply the color on the panels. The two main methods are: extrusion and spray painting. The latter is usually recommended because it creates long-lasting colors.bubble on water


Of course, you should choose acrylic shower panels that won’t make you rob a bank. Compare prices from different suppliers and choose the one that is within your budget limits.