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Five Steps to Getting You the Best Steroid Supplier

Steroids are considered dangerous by mainstream bodybuilding competitions, experts, and practitioners. Nevertheless, they are inevitably the most potent substance to stimulate muscle growth and boost physical performance. Besides, some people are just biologically restricted to gain more muscles as they want it. And in that case, using steroids is the only way left. 

Here are the five steps you should take to get the right supplier for steroids. 

Look for a Direct Recommendation

Although you can always find online suppliers for steroids, it’d be much safer if you can get one from a direct recommendation. It can be from one of your friends in the local bodybuilding community. If you can meet the supplier in person, they will be least likely to scam you with fake products. 

If You Buy Online, Examine the Supplier’s Reputation

buying onlineAlthough no authority institutions are regulating steroid distribution for non-medical use, you can always consult review sites and forums for a trusted supplier. It would help if you read through all of the existing accounts of the supplier’s shipment policies and customer handling skills. You want fast steroid shipping because the longer the product is the shipment, the more likely its quality is to degrade. 

Besides, steroids are expensive ($100 to $500 per dosage). You have to make sure that you spend your money on the right person. 

Start Small

pills and a tubeThe first time you want to make an order, don’t spend all of your money. Start buying a few packages first so that you can evaluate the quality and convenience of transacting with that particular supplier. Your trust should be built gradually, not instantly. There are always chances of the supplier being honest for only several early orders, but then they will scam you later. And by the time you are tricked, you’ll be most likely to lose your money without ever getting it back. 

Document Everything

The first time your package arrives, take photos of them. Record all of the deals in one email thread so that you can track any price rises or drops. You should also ask for the detailed specs of your steroid so that if anything goes wrong and you need to be hospitalized, you can just give those records to your doctor. 

Share Your Experience with Others

non medical injectionNot only will this step allow you to share your success story, but it will also let you get to know new people with the same interest. In the steroid business, numbers mean power. If you and other customers are dissatisfied with the service of a certain supplier, you can always ban it forever from the community. The more people you know, the safer you will be.