When and Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

So, you’ve been a part of a bad accident in Brooklyn like a car crash, motorcycle accident, slipping and falling on the streets, or even accidents that happened at the workplace that caused you to suffer from physical and emotional pain. You’re probably afraid that you’ll get sued by the other party or you don’t have the money to file a lawsuit, and you ended up rolling with the punches as you heal your injuries because you don’t want to cause any trouble. 

You’ll probably start asking questions like, “It’s been two months since my injury, is it too late to meet with a personal injury attorney in Brooklyn?” the simple answer is “No! it’s not too late!” the long answer comes next. You need to understand when should you hire a personal injury attorney and for what reasons, let’s check the reasons below:

They Can Help You Find Justice


An accident is called an accident because they are not intentional, and the lines can get blurry when trying to figure out who’s at fault; that is why we need someone to back you up in your corner when justice is demanded. A good attorney can even weasel the guilty party to be let off the hook and avoid jail time, but that won’t mean they won’t spend any dime in the settlement. Representing yourself is never a good idea if you don’t know or have experience in legal matters. That is why it’s a good reason to hire an attorney in the event of an accident.

They Can Help You Get Your Worth

Insurance companies are never on your side, unlike your trusty legal defender; they’ll try every persuasion and pressure technique there is in the book to force you into accepting a low-ball settlement, even if you are in the right. That’s because their primary goal is to settle the case as soon as possible. They don’t care if you don’t get what your case is worth, which is why you should have an experienced attorney on your side to help you get a fair settlement.

They Take Cases on a Contingency Fee Basis


There are many pro-bono attorneys that represent people out of the good and kindness in their hearts, and there are also attorneys who take cases on a contingency fee basis who won’t receive any payment unless you reached a settlement through their services. Therefore, there is no reason to panic even if the accident was over two months ago, and there are no upfront fees that you have to make that’ll be dragged out by time, so it’ll get more and more expensive. This might be the best reason to hire a personal injury attorney.

The Bottom Line

Having an experienced attorney who knows their way around the court is like having a guardian angel being assigned to watch over you. Instead, they fight with their words and not fists. The pen is truly mightier than the swords, and lawyers have proven that fact. Stop worrying and start calling an experienced personal injury attorney in Brooklyn right now!


Tips To Find The Right DUI Attorney

Finding the right lawyer for your DUI case is an important part of achieving your goals in the case. Fortunately, there is adequate information available out there. However, sifting through the information to find the right attorney is one of the most daunting tasks. The following are some of the helpful tips you ought to know as far as finding a DUI lawyer is concerned.

Specialization in DWI/DUI law

This may appeart2g3wedfc6y3e7duy2822 as a simple step, but the truth is that it is quite important. However, the process is not easy as you think. For instance, a lawyer that claims to handle DUI cases may not have an adequate level of knowledge that you want. You should inquire the DUI percentage of the caseload he or she has. Ask whether your lawyer attends routine seminars on DUI state laws. This is necessary as these laws keep on changing. You should not be afraid to ask any questions you have as they are likely to have an impact on you. If the attorney is not ready to provide answers about the case, he or she may not have adequate experience in DUI.


It is important to hire a lawyer that practices in your area. For instance, if you are living in Florida, you should hire a lawyer with a law firm in the area. This is because the attorney understands Florida drunk driving statistics. Therefore, he or she will be in a better position to argue your case in court as compared to hiring attorneys from other states. A lawyer that knows particular judges and the way they operate their courtrooms, as much as it may not change the law, he or she is likely to get you out of trouble.

If your DWI/DUI attorney is not familiar with the prosecutors and the judge, ensure he or she has adequate information about them. Also, he or she should have a plan to acquire information before proceeding to court.

DUI law

Your attorney tg23er6fy3e7u28i292oshould be conversant with the latest DUI laws. Remember that these laws are very complex and dynamic when it comes to litigation and the laws change frequently. In fact, nearly every year, there are serious changes to these laws. The DUI lawyer you choose should be updated on these given laws. You can ask professionals or your other lawyers for references.